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The Fundamental Technologies IMP 8 project's primary goal has been to process low energy and high energy proton flux data obtained from the IMP 8 spacecraft. The data were used for the research conducted by Dr. Thomas Armstrong and Dr. Moncef Boufaida (of the University of Kansas) to establish the universal and general characteristics of the behavior of low and high (0.3 - 5 MeV) energy protons at the beginning of the IMP 8 project. Over the years data produced and maintained at FT (formerly at the Univ. of Kansas) has become a reference data set for other research. The data is available to any researchers who are interested. 



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Updated 8/8/19, Cameron Crane


Mission Duration: Although only 10 years were originally expected for the lifetime of the IMP-8 spacecraft, it is still operational after 45+ years.

Destination: The IMP-8 spacecraft spends roughly half of its 12-day orbit in solar winds, with the other half spent studying the magnetosphere and magnetosheath of Earth.

Orbit: The IMP-8 spacecraft orbits in a geocentric elliptical orbit with an inclination varying from 0 to 55 degrees.